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Direct Hire Services

Rangefront specializes in recruiting geological experts. Our direct hire services help you place geology experts in-house for permanent, long-term hires.

Mining and geology expert in front of mining structure in hardhat and talking on walkie talkieDIRECT HIRE SERVICES BY RANGEFRONT

Rangefront specializes in recruiting geological experts f. We have a diverse pool of some of the best candidates in the industry. Talk to a hiring expert today to discuss your needs and to access our pool of expert candidates!


Rangefront is more than a recruiting agency; we specialize in geology and have a high level of hands-on expertise in the area. When you choose Rangefront for your direct hire services, you’re getting the benefit of a high level of applicable expertise, a deep pool of top-quality experts, and a commitment to finding the best direct-hire fit for your project.

  • High-Level Expertise. The experts at Rangefront served directly in the mining and geology industries before entering the recruiting and consulting business. This means we have boots-on-the-ground, hands-on, high-level experience in mining and geology. We directly apply this expertise to our direct-hire services, understanding better than most what makes a successful employee in these unique industries. Our high level of expertise helps ensure you’re getting a top-quality expert from Rangefront.

  • Long-Term Career Paths. Many geology jobs are contract gigs where workers must seek one short-term position after another to keep continual employment. Since Rangefront also offers contract labor services, this means we have helped place experts in multiple positions over several years, watching their skills and hands-on expertise grow in the process. We’ve had the opportunity to develop long-term relationships with an excellent pool of highly-experienced contractors over multiple contract positions, developing the skills and expertise to be excellent candidates for expert direct-hire positions. This means we have an excellent candidate pool to draw from for direct-hire opportunities in mining and geology positions.

  • Right-Fit Commitment. Our recruiting model works best when we have positive, long-term relationships with clients and candidates. We work hard to select the best-fit candidate for your direct-hire needs. When we recruit a direct-hire geological expert for your company, we perform a rigorous process of screening and interviews that help ensure you’re getting the best possible candidate for your position. We touch base multiple times after the candidate is placed to ensure the right fit. In the rare instance that a change needs to be made, we help to secure a replacement in an efficient and timely manner. To learn more about Rangefront’s direct-hire services, please reach out to speak with an expert today.

Mining and geology expert in front of mining structure in hardhat and talking on walkie talkie


Rangefront offers a wide range of mining and geology expertise to clients across the globe. From contract and direct-hire recruiting to technical services and field crew, Rangefront is committed to providing the best level of knowledge and expertise to projects of all sizes and stages of development.

Learn more about how Rangefront can help your project succeed by speaking with a geological expert today.