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Rangefront offers comprehensive contract geology services for mining and geological projects. With a deep pool of candidates across the geological industry, Rangefront Mining Services matches your project with the talent and labor you need. No matter the size or location of your project, Rangefront can help you build your perfect team. Contact us by clicking the button below and discover what Rangefront can do for you.


When you partner with Rangefront for your contract geology labor services needs, you get a partner committed to helping you find the right fit for your mining or geological project. We don’t just provide a stack of sorted resumes for you–we handle every step of the contract labor of process. From recruiting to interviewing, payroll and benefits, Rangefront helps take care of the contract labor for your project so you can focus on the results.

  1. Recruiting. Rangefront has an extensive network of contract geology experts. We tap into our existing candidates as well as finding additional potential contract workers so we can draw from the best pool possible for your contract hire.
  2. Qualification. You’re busy running a project, but you also want to ensure that the candidates you receive are top quality. Rangefront has been in the mining and geological industries for decades, making us experts in the contract hiring process. We will expertly qualify candidates for you, finding the best Rangefront has to offer.
  3. Interviewing. Many contract geology companies don’t take the time to interview candidates, instead relying only on resumes and profiles. But Rangefront interviews our top candidates–every time. We complete detailed, verbal interviews with our top candidates so we can help you make the best-informed hiring decision possible.
  4. Contract Labor Management. Contract geology labor can be complicated and time-consuming to manage, especially for projects with a large number of workers. Rangefront will take care of all the details from hiring to payroll and benefits, making sure time is billed to the right job, management/reviews, and more.

Would you like to learn more about how Rangefront can make your contract geology labor process a breeze? Click “Contact Us” below to speak with a Rangefront expert today.


Simplify your labor management by offloading it to Rangefront. We’ll manage your labor services from payroll and HR to benefits, management, and more.

  • Timesheets/payroll
  • Job numbers
  • Benefits (including health insurance, 401k, dental, vision, life insurance, and more)
  • Management & reviews to ensure best fit
  • Conflict resolution or replacement if necessary

Do you have your own talent? We offer contract geology labor management as a standalone service as well as in conjunction with our recruiting services. Contact Rangefront today to discuss your specific contract hiring or management needs and to discover how Rangefront can support your success.

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Specializing in the Mining & Geology Industries

Rangefront specializes in the geology industries. With decades of experience and deep relationships in both fields, we have expertise in being able to recognize and qualify the best candidates for your company’s specific project.

Since we’ve been providing contract labor services for over a decade, we have an extensive network of some of the best mining and geology contract laborers in the industry. We have great relationships with these candidates because of our competitive benefits, exceptional communication, and our commitment to keeping our outstanding laborers employeed in great contract positions. This means they are loyal, hardworking, and qualified to take on your next geological project.

When you choose Rangefront for your labor needs, you benefit from our expertise and relationships, providing you some of the best candidates in the industry.