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Expert exploration and mining services, including recruiting, technical, field crew & geological services across the United States & Canada


For over a decade, Rangefront has combined in-depth expertise with cutting-edge mining and geological technology to provide consulting services, technical services, contract geology labor, field crew services, and vehicular support to the mining industry.

With services available across the United States and Canada, we work closely with you to provide the high-quality services needed to complete your mineral exploration project–no matter the location and no matter the scale.

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Rangefront is a comprehensive geology and mining consulting firm offering unmatched expertise in staffing/recruiting, field crew, geophysical services, and more across Canada and the United States.

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Contract Labor Services

Rangefront is unparalleled in geological contract labor services. Learn more about our high-grade recruiting & contract labor management process.

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Claim Staking

Our crew has the knowledge and expertise to help you stake your claims efficiently, professionally, and cost-effectively. Contact us for more information.

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Field Crew Services

From geochemical soil testing to exploration projects, AML fencing, warehouse organization & more, Rangefront has your needs covered.

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Technical Services

We are experts in N1 43-101 reporting, feasibility studies, mapping services, & more. Contact us to learn more about our professional knowledge & expertise.

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Geophysical Services

Rangefront is your trusted expert in geophysical data collection. We offer a wide range of surveys & mapping services to address your specific needs.

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3D Modeling

If you’re in need of 3D modeling to inform your mining strategy, Rangefront can help. Contact us for pricing and availability for your modeling project.


Rangefront has been a leader in the mining and geology services industries for over a decade. Our experience and professionalism are unmatched.

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